It is our vision at VRoom to enrich people’s experiences by expanding and inspiring both their virtual and actual reality.  We strive to be an ethical and fair social enterprise that makes mind-blowing perceptions accessible for everyone by offering VR expertise at affordable prices; both in our arcade and our function hire. We see it as our mission to give back to society by creating a space for game development, various creative works, research, as well as other educational purposes, and through supporting projects working towards a better future for everyone, both local and global.

Long-Term Goal

In the long-term, VRoom will be involved in supporting indie (virtual reality) game developers,researchers or whoever else has an idea, to share and distribute their work with the wider community while also offering the latest high-end technology.

If you have ideas for a project, please get in touch with us!


Practical Implications

Everyone at VRoom gets paid a Living Wage of £9 per hour and our decisions are made by consensus where possible, or democratically where not. Additionally we made the plea that once VRoom is financially stable we will support local projects to improve the community and those that strive to create a fairer electronics industry. To give you an idea of what these projects will be, here are two projects we had in mind when starting VRoom.